3.10.2020 – 18:23z

SimCoders Releases REP for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow (XP11)

If you are not familiar with them, SimCoders is a development team whose goal is to bring to the highest standard already existing addons. They build on existing products transforming those aircraft into living and breathing machines with their Reality Expansion Pack. Their latest creation is built on the Turbo Arrow from JustFlight.

You may ask, what exactly do they do? Well many aspects of the addon are changed, here is a little non-exhaustive list (credit goes to SimCoders):

  • The flight dynamics are replaced to match the real-world data. This is the starting point of every REP project. The correct airfoils, together with the plugin, will give the right dynamics to the airplane (right takeoff and landing speeds and attitudes, right stall speed, and so on).
  • The onboard systems and the failures are simulated by the 50.000+ lines of code contained in the plugin. Many of the features listed in the paragraph below are related directly to this point.
  • The extra tools such the maintenance hangar, the kneeboard, and the walkaround
  • The sounds effects are greatly enhanced by the plugin providing things such as the wind sounds, the unique stereo touch down sounds, the amazing startup sounds, etc.
SimCoders Releases REP for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow (XP11) - X-Plane, SimCoders
Yes, much like A2A’s Accusim products, you get a maintenance aircraft, and need to take good care of it.

You can get your hands on the REP package for the Just Flight Turbo Arrow here, for 19.99$. Of course, Just Flight Turbo Arrow is required in order to make the plugin work. You can purchase that through the Just Flight website for €37.95.

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Feature list

  • Developed by real pilots
  • Realistic and complex engine logic
  • Real Turbo Arrow systems
  • Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics
  • Damages System
  • Interactive pre-flight checklist and walkaround
  • Towing system
  • Popup kneeboard
  • Living Airplane
  • HeadShake integration
  • Maintenance Tool
  • Realistic sounds set
  • Custom settings window
  • And much, much more!

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