SimSolutions Releases J3 Cub for X-Plane

Only two days after the initial announcement, SimSolutions have released their rendition of a Piper J3 Cub for X-Plane 11. What initially may seem like a very straightforward aircraft, the developers put a lot of work into it to ensure the user can immerse in the simulation.

This was achieved, for example, by featuring 4K textures enhanced with PBR textures. Further, as with their previous addon, a Diamond DA40NG, SimSolutions have integrated Avitab into the flight deck as well as toggleable covers and static tent model for those wanting to sleep under the start on their endeavours.

The addon also comes in three different variants. One is equipped with standard tires, and the other two are equipped with either tundra tires or floats. What also makes a significant difference from their previous Diamond DA40NG rendition are the new custom FMOD sounds which were this time developed in-house.

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For someone who might be scared flying this addon will become stereotypic, the developers have included six different instrument panel layouts.

For those unfamiliar with the aircraft, Piper J3 Cub is a two-seat general aviation aircraft with STOL capabilities. Piper has manufactured over 20,000 units between 1938 and 1947. The aircraft was then later on replaced by the Super Cub which was in production until 1995. Nowadays, pilots often use them for bush flying and exploring rural areas.

The addon can be purchased through the iniBuilds store for about €15.60, or exactly £12.99 with VAT excluded.

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Thanks goes to Gold787FlightSim for giving us a tip on this announcement at our Discord server.

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