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Skyward Simulations Announces Diamond DA50 RG for MSFS

Skyward Simulations has announced their debut aircraft, the Diamond DA50 RG, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers have stated that the aircraft is coming soon. As a new developer in the community, Skyward Simulations regularly posts new previews and keeps the community updated on the project through their Discord server.

DA50 RG by Skyward Simulations

The aircraft will come with an accurate 3D model compared to the actual aircraft, which has already been implemented in the simulator. The developers have also promised high-definition textures for the aircraft and a true-to-life flight model.

The addon will be equipped with the Working Title Garmin G1000NXi. We can also expect it to be updated with the Garmin GCU 476 at a later time. Further, apart from the avionics that we just talked about, the aircraft’s systems have been custom-coded, so we can anticipate them to be close to those of the real aircraft. The addon will contain multiple liveries at launch, making for an even better experience.

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About the Diamond DA50 RG

The Diamond DA50 RG is a single-crew, five-seater aircraft powered by the Continental CD-300 turbocharged engine. It has a ceiling of 20,000 ft and has a range of up to 750 nm at 180 knots while burning approximately 34 kg of fuel per hour.

The aircraft also has retractable landing gear, making it extremely aerodynamically efficient. The oxygen system, sun visors, and a 60/40 split folding three-seat second row make it extremely pilot-friendly.

There is currently no information on the release date or pricing of the product. The addon will initially be released on Orbx and Skyward Simulation’s website and will later be introduced to the MSFS Marketplace. If you want to read about another Diamond aircraft release for MSFS, check out our article on the recently released COWS DA42 for MSFS.

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