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SoFly Announces Cabin Announcement Pro During FlightSimExpo 2024

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have landed in Las Vegas.” At the FSExpo announcement seminar, SoFly introduced its newest addition to the Microsoft Flight Simulator series: Cabin Announcement Pro. This new feature aims to enhance the virtual flying experience by incorporating realistic interactions between pilots and cabin crew. This add-on will also be the first fully automatic cabin announcement mod to the platform.

About SoFly Add-On

The add-on will take a bank of thousands of voice clips and bring them together for an organic experience. From your initial set-up to arriving at your destination, you can experience multiple voice sets throughout your journey.

The ground crew will provide fuel and dispatch reports, while the cabin crew will offer coffee and perform their safety duties. The feature also includes casual in-flight conversations, such as pilots discussing plans upon arrival and pursers asking about coffee preferences.

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Each voice set includes multiple variations that are randomly generated, enhancing the sense of immersion for every flight. Likewise, all of the voices will have regional accents depending on the airline you are flying. Normal SOP procedures will be included, along with various emergency scenarios. You’ll need to respond appropriately to trigger the correct reactions from your onboard crew.

The add-on will come to both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024, which will be released later this year. What’s more, it will be available for users across all platforms: PC, Xbox, and Xbox’s cloud gaming service XCloud.


The price and the release date are yet to be announced; however, it will be published this year and it will not be subscribtion based, only one time purchase needed.

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