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Let’s Break Down the New MSFS 2024 Trailer, Releasing in November

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 release date has finally been publicly revealed alongside a brand-new MSFS 2024 trailer released today (June 9, 2024) as part of the Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer focuses on the career mode features and finally announces that the much-anticipated sim will be released on November 19, 2024. Let’s break down all the interesting parts of the trailer.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS 2024) will be released on November 19, 2024. Almost exactly one year after the announcement of MSFS 2024, simmers finally have a date to look forward to. The upcoming release is confirmed for release on Xbox Series X and S, as well as on PC via Game Pass and Steam.

At FSExpo 2023, Jorg Neumann detailed that MSFS 2024 is a complete redesign of the underlying technology that powers the current Microsoft Flight Simulator. Jorg detailed improvements such as a smaller local install size as well as improved engines for physics, aerodynamics, and systems simulation. Capping these improvements with further improved graphical capabilities and a renewed focus on reproducing the ground as accurately as the sky above it, MSFS 2024 promises to be as much of a leap forward as Asobo’s initial release in 2020.

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MSFS 2024 New Career Mode, New Aircraft, New Features

Central to the experience of MSFS 2024 will be the new career mode, and that’s the primary focus of today’s trailer. Asobo and Microsoft are looking to build on the sandbox currently offered by MSFS (2020) and include a great “game” as well so that a more general audience can be kept engaged. However, it has been clarified that the career mode has specifically avoided the “game-y” activity types present in MSFS (2020)’s various crossover expansions, such as the Top Gun and Dune expansions, which were both met with a lukewarm reception.

With each career mode activity showcased in the trailer, Microsoft brought attention to the aircraft coming to MSFS 2024. Let’s break down each activity in this trailer, along with some speculation about what can be implied from the footage included with them:

The Red Bull Air Races will be included with what appears to be a modified Zivko Edge racing aircraft. Also noticeable from these frames are improved environmental lighting, smoke effects, and some of Asobo’s new machine-learning terrain generation.

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Commercial Flight was not forgotten, with Microsoft showing off an Airbus A330-300 in KLM livery. This aircraft featured engine and pitot covers, and the new soft-body simulation was on full display with animated pitot tube covers flapping in the breeze. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the in-cockpit tablet showcased looks very similar to others that we have seen on iniBuilds aircraft that have already come to the simulator, such as the Airbus A310. The iniBuilds team has not yet confirmed their level of involvement with aircraft in MSFS 2024. We can also see glimpses in the background of multiple aircraft types and real-world liveries (I spotted 777s, 787s, and A320s), implying that generic traffic may now be a thing of the past. We also see animated passengers boarding the A330 via a jet bridge.

Air Ambulance and Medevac careers will be possible in MSFS 2024. The trailer showcased a Pilatus PC-12 landing in the Australian Outback, clearly reminiscent of the Royal Flying Doctors service. However, the medevac service showcased in the trailer “DocCrew” does not appear to exist, and the registration of the PC-12 (N86DW) is held by a Grumman AA-5. The trailer then shows animated loading of patients, as well as a very detailed interior for this upcoming PC-12.

While Banner Towing is one of the most dangerous jobs as a low-time pilot in real life, MSFS 2024 will allow simmers to display messages in the sky without the risk. Shown in the trailer was a Piper PA-18 “Cub” – likely the Cub Crafters Carbon Cub or XCub variant. It is not yet known whether banners can be towed in multiplayer, or if the messages are customizable.

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Bizjet lovers will certainly enjoy VIP Charters, which come alongside the Cirrus Vision Jet G2. This Vision Jet will be developed by FlightFX, and we expect it to be much the same as the current Vision Jet available for MSFS (2020). The new trailer, though, indicates that seated passengers will be present in MSFS2024, although it is unclear yet whether or not they will grade your landings, or how deep the passenger and cabin simulation goes.

Helicopter enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, beginning with Agricultural Aviation. Although we have seen this showcased before with a fixed-wing aircraft (Likely a PA-25 Pawnee or Air Tractor AT-802), today’s trailer showcases a Robinson R66 helicopter in this role. Also on display are highly detailed ground environments as well as the new rotor wash effects blasting over the ground.

Helicopter Cargo Transport will also be available in MSFS 2024, demonstrated in the trailer by a massive Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The soft-body physics engine is once again on display with cable-slung cargo dangling beneath the transport. We can also see impressive detail in what are presumably hand-crafted helipads, although the city around it is built on the basics of the current MSFS engine, as excessive trees are clearly visible on the streets below.

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Helicopters will play a major role in Search and Rescue missions, showcased in this trailer by an impressive sinking ship set-piece. We can see a rescue swimmer being lowered into the ocean out of what appears to be an Airbus H125 helicopter.

The Airbus A400M makes an appearance in the trailer to highlight Remote Cargo missions to unimproved airstrips. There is currently an Airbus A400M available in the sim developed by Roland Laborie, and it is not clear if this developer had any hand in the aircraft coming to MSFS 2024.

Aerial Firefighting is coming to MSFS 2024. The first trailer showed us a Canadair CL-415 that is joined here by the Air Tractor AT-802 as well as the Skycrane helicopter, implying that these activities can be available for a variety of different aircraft in the upcoming simulator.

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MSFS 2024 Trailer Showcases Renewed Focus on the Ground

The initial announcement for MSFS 2024 promised to make the experience of the aircraft on the ground just as exciting as in the sky. At FSExpo 2023, Jorg detailed their improved process of terrain generation and that has been put on full display here – although keep in mind, Asobo and Microsoft may be showcasing handcrafted sceneries instead of auto-generated ones.

In one screenshot, though, a Carbon Cub is shown with mud all over its bush tires, a welcome addition for those of us who like to get our planes dirty. More fauna is shown in the new MSFS 2024 trailer, along with what appears to be new camera controls – a welcome addition, if true, as better camera controls are one of the most wishlisted items from MSFS (2020).

One other brief video confirms that the DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter will be coming to MSFS 2024. After Aerosoft’s Twin Otter was pulled from sale last year under cryptic conditions, the appearance of the “Twotter” in the MSFS 2024 trailer has given rise to rumors that Aerosoft’s mildly-controversial aircraft will return as a base aircraft in the upcoming sim. It is known that Microsoft and Asobo will be leveraging well-known third-party developers to flesh out MSFS 2024’s catalog, but Aerosoft has not yet confirmed any involvement.

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Balloons, Experimentals, and More

Aircraft of all categories and classes are coming to your home simulator, and the newest Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 trailer showcases some phenomenal oddities. We see powered balloons (as well as unpowered ones!) once again showing off the new physics engine, joined by blimps. Gliders aren’t going anywhere either. The trailer concludes by showing off experimental autogyros, an electric VTOL aircraft that appears to be the Joby S.4, as well as the Edgely EA-7 Optica ducted-fan aircraft flying through some stunning aurorae.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is coming on November 19, 2024. Read up on all the information we have so far from Microsoft’s last discussion here at FSExpo 2023. FSExpo 2024 is right around the corner, though, and Microsoft Flight Simulator has one of the largest booths at the Expo. We anticipate more information about MSFS 2024 to come out of FSExpo 2024, so stay tuned to our special event coverage of the entire event from June 21-23, 2024.

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