SSG Updates The E-Jets And 747 (XP11)

In an email to customers a few days ago, SSG rolled out version 1.5 of their E170 and E195. This new update brings a number of welcomed fixes and improvements. Moreover, just today they also rolled out an update to their 747 to bring it to v2.2r4.

In order to update the aircraft you can either use the SkunkCraft Updater or delete the old file prior to putting the new version, downloaded from their website or in your aircraft folder.


The fixes mostly improve the navigation experience, in fact, the SID disappearing but is no more, VNAV now respects manually entered altitude, the MCDU graphical errors have been cleared and the drag-to-rotate baro setting works properly.

The improvements are across multiple areas. First, the COM radios have been upgraded to 8.33 MHz spacing, a welcome addition, LNAV and flight dynamics have been improved as well. When it comes to the cockpit, new 3D objects have been added and the PFD horizons as well as the HSI were improved. The aircraft is also now VR ready and friendly and the E170 landing gear has been remodeled.

If you wish to do so, you can purchase the E-Jets from the SSG Website for 33.75$ or from the store for 39.90$ 64.95$.

Boeing 747-8

The update to the 747 is a pretty small update focused on fixes. You won’t see crashes at specific airports, for example PHNL, the “Direct to” function when executed from the 3D CDU has been fixed and the ND map does not flicker anymore during pushback. On top of those bug fixes, the glossiness of the model of the -8 intercontinental has been increased.

You can purchase the 747-8 on the store for 54.90$ 80.00$.


  • fixed actuator baro with drag not working property
  • fixed some small graphics errors into MCDU
  • fixed SID disapearing after Take OFF
  • fixed VNAV issues like not respecting manual altitude entering.
  • improved PFD’s Horizons
  • improved HSI  that is heading up like Navigation display.
  • improved COM radios that now is  8.33MHz XXX.XXX
  • improved flight dynamics for xp11.50
  • improved Lateral navigation
  • improved cockpit visual with some new 3d objects.
  • improved E-170 land gear wheels
  • VR Ready and VR friendly
  • Fixed crashes occurring with some airports (e.g. PHNL)
  • Fixed “Direct To” function in FMC when executed in the 3D CDU
  • Fixed ND map flickering with pushback
  • Intercontinental external model glossiness increased

Author: Florent

Long time flight sim enthusiast, I started off with FS9, FSX, P3D v1 and v2 and found myself a passion for combat flight simulators. I am an avid DCS and Il2 enthusiast that jumped on MSFS2020 as soon as I could. I am also a photography enthusiast a well as a commercial pilot in Europe.

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