TDM Scenery Design Previews Santiago de Compostela Airport for MSFS

TDM Scenery Design has, once again, taken to their Facebook page to share a new set of preview screenshots showcasing their upcoming Santiago de Compostela Airport rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

TDM Scenery Design, who had recently celebrated their first anniversary, has updated the flight sim community with more screenshots depicting the work that they have achieved on their rendition in the past two weeks.

Last month, the scenery maker displayed their rework of the runway and its threshold as well as the tabletop terrain of the airfield.

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However, with the second preview released on their Facebook page yesterday, the developer has exhibited the whole airport, with more detailed screenshots depicting the terminal building as well as the military apron. It can be drawn out from the screenshots that TDM Scenery Design has included a lot of detail in their rendition, from the modelling of the Super Puma helicopter in front of the military apron to even the modelling of the electric utility.

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As of today, details concerning the features of the rendition have not yet been disclosed by TDM Scenery Design. This remains to be the same for the pricing as well as the release date of the product. However, the developer has stated that the project is working at a good pace and has also hinted at a release in the near future.

Santiago-Rosalia de Castro Airport (LEST) is an international airport serving the province of Galicia. It is located 12 km from Santiago de Compostela city centre and is the second busiest airport in northern Spain. The airport mainly offers domestic flights to all parts of Spain but also does offer some international flights to Europe.

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