13.2.2022 – 23:16z

TDM Scenery Design Takes Down Santiago Airport Scenery for MSFS

In a message on their Facebook page, TDM Scenery Design has announced the sad news that they had to take down their Santiago Airport (LEST) scenery from all stores. The team has claimed, that there is a dispute over intellectual property between TDM Scenery Design and “another developer“.

It wasn’t specified who is the other developer in this dispute. The sale of this scenery is suspended globally until both parties come to an agreement. This is in fact the second time TDM Scenery Design had to take down one of their sceneries.

The last time it happened was in September 2020 with their Barinas Airport scenery, also for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can read more about that in one of our previous articles here.

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The developers were selling the scenery through three stores – SimMarket, Contrail, and the in-game Marketplace. Aerosoft was also on the list initially, but after closing an agreement with another developer, had to take the TDM Scenery Design’s scenery down.

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