4.10.2022 – 04:54z

Terrainy Studios Releases RV-8 for MSFS

The developers at Terrainy Studios have taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of their rendition of the Van’s Aircraft RV-8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They first announced the development of this add-on back in March 2021.

This rendition of the RV-8 features an accurate flight model developed with the help of real RV-8 pilots. The aircraft features two GPS options, the user can choose between the G430 or the GTN650. Terrainy Studios brought to life interactable and dynamic static objects. For this purpose, the developers have modelled a tablet to control the objects and go through the physical checklist.

The add-on is VR-compatible. It features dynamic fuel in fuel tanks with a visible level that gives the user a more immersive experience and shows the attention to detail. The circuit breakers are also fully functional and the cockpit is IFR capable. The team used PBR textures.

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The RV-8 is a light, single-engine, high-performance kit plane developed by Van’s Aircraft. It has a top speed of over 190 knots while maintaining a range of over 680 miles. 

If you wish to purchase this aircraft, you can do so through simMarket for 24.19€. To learn more about Terrainy Studios and the development of this add-on, I suggest you have a look at George’s article here.

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