The Workshop #13 -Textures Rework, Custom Fonts, Schedule Change

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of The Workshop – a series dedicated to the latest news and updates regarding FlyByWire’s work on the A32NX and the upcoming A380. Our previous episodes can be read here. The Workshop is written directly by the FlyByWire team within the FSNews and FlyByWire partnership.

Features of the Week

This week, some features have been merged into the latest development version of the aircraft.

  • Complete cockpit textures rework
  • Custom fonts for the RMP, FCU, Chrono and battery displays

Work in Progress

Here are some features we are currently working on:

  • Complete from-scratch rework of autopilot systems (routing, autoflight)
  • Realistic systems simulations
    • Current work focusing on a from-scratch electrical system and custom hydraulics
  • Modular update system (downloads individual parts of the mod which have changed, instead of redownloading the entire package)
  • Additional EFB features
    • Settings page, allowing tuning of various aircraft parameters
    • Top-of-descent calculator
    • Takeoff and landing performance calculator
    • Ground services page
  • Avionics rewrite (PFD, ECAM, MCDU and FCU) – for performance improvements and easier code maintenance

Schedule change

As we move into a phase of development where the majority of the “easy” work is completed on the A320, less changes are made every week and larger but rarer modifications become more frequent. While this is perfectly normal for any project as it finds its ideal velocity, we want to ensure we can continue to bring quality content to our readers. We have therefore decided to adjust the schedule of The Workshop to run bi-weekly.

Our next episode of The Workshop is scheduled to be published March 6th, 2021.

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