ToLiss Releases a Big Update for the A319 (XP11)

After formally announcing the update earlier this month, ToLiss has today released a new bigger update for their rendition of an Airbus A319 for X-Plane 11. Bringing the addon to v1.6, it is an update many users will for sure appreciate and make use of.

It brings, for example, reworked and improved pages in the MCDU, improved autopilot systems, improved bleed systems, or added pilot item database allowing users to create custom waypoints and then further use them in associated MCDU pages.

Additionally, the update brings a plethora of fixes to various parts of the aircraft. The complete changelog of the new version can be seen below in the article.

Based on previous posts made by the developers, it was confirmed that a very similar update to this one should soon come to the A321 together with a couple of undisclosed NEO-specific additions.

In order to update the A319 to v1.6, either download the files again from the store of your purchase or use the updater located in the aircraft’s files. If you don’t own the aircraft yet, and would like to purchase it, you can do so through the Store for $79 or about €65.



  • Pilot item database allowing the creation and storage of custom waypoints, including associated page reconfigurations on DIR TO, FPLN, RAD NAV page etc.
  • Bleed system upgrade to a quantitative bleed model affecting fuel consumption and take-off thrust
  • Support for LDA, IGS, Localizer Backcourse and GLS approaches
  • Complete rework of the PERF pages to add EO mode information as well as climb/descent predictions to a given altitude
  • Rework of the PROG page to include EO mode information including indication of OEI gross ceiling and predictive GPS function


  • When flying the IAE engine, the EWD now properly supports revision to N1 Mode
  • TO performance calculator also determines whether packs need to be ON or OFF for the take-off.
  • Complete redo of the SD pages ENG, BLEED, PRESS, and F/CTL for better representational accuracy
  • FPLN page rework: Constraints are now shown prior to filing the INIT B page.
  • FPLN page additional information: The Final approach slope is now shown
  • Improved the lateral-directional handling qualities in manual flight
  • Changes to altitude and speed constraints of the active flight plan create TEMPY flight plan.
  • Added RAT and outflow valve to the external 3d model


  • Corrected PFD speed bug location during Go Around
  • Prevented waypoint sequencing when flying in HDG mode in opposite direction of FMS path at current TO waypoint
  • Fixed ILS indication location on PFD
  • Improved AP vertical target tracking when flying with high Angles of Attack
  • Fine tuning of the graphical representation in the EWD.
  • Speed target for flap 3 landings is back to VAPP
  • Waypoints can now be added at end of FPLN directly on the FPLN A page.
  • Various small bug fixes

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