ToLiss Updates Airbus A340 for X-Plane 11 to Version 1.1

Developer ToLiss released the first major update for their Airbus A340 rendition for X-Plane 11. This update aims to bring new aircraft features, cockpit reworks, bug fixes and XP12 compatibility.

Firstly, future users of X-Plane 12 will be pleased to know that Version 1.1 makes the A340 fully compatible with XP12.

Pictures of the pre-V1.1 version

Secondly, the new update brings a rework of the flight deck. This includes cockpit window and seat animations as well as improved 3D switch geometry.

Pictures of the pre-V1.1 version

In addition, the update brings many improvements to aircraft systems and behaviour. For example, there is an implementation of 249 different failure modes. Moreover, the ACARS now gives out additional TO and wind data.

Pictures of the pre-V1.1 version

Finally, the update is available for downloads from the X-Plane store or the Inibuilds store. The ToLiss A340 is available for purchase on the X-Plane and the Inibuilds store at respective prices of €85.01 and €78.46. The full change log is at the end of the article.

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The Airbus A340-600 is the one of the last models of the Airbus A340 series. Able to carry 379 passengers in a three-class cabin layout, the A340-600 can travel up to 13,900 km. This variant aimed to rival Boeing’s 777s and older gen 747s. However, the A340-600 failed to gain as much popularity as expected. This was mainly due to its high fuel consumption and high operational costs. Major operators of the A340-600 include Lufthansa, Iberia and Mahan Air. To learn more about the ToLiss and XP12, have a read at George’s article.

Pictures of the pre-V1.1 version

Change Log of Version 1.1 (June 20th 2022)

Major new Features

– XP12 adaptations (available after XP12 is released)

– Custom engine model for more realistic thrust and fuel flow values

– FMGS plan editing overhaul, enabling temporary flight plans also for the alternate plan

– Database holds are now available – Offset function now available

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– New ACARS functionality for direct download of Simbrief plans into the active or the secondary flight plan

– ACARS functionality to retrieve TO data for various runways of the departure airport

– ACARS functionality to retrieve wind data from Simbrief flight plan and enter them in the flight plan.

– Cockpit 3d model rework, including improved switch geometry and moving cockpit seats/arm rests

– Cockpit side windows can now be opened. This will affect air conditioning simulation.

– Addition of new failure modes for a total of 249 different failure modes, these include now recoverable computer failures

– Implementation of all in-cockpit RESET switches (Airbus long range equivalent to in-cockpit circuit breakers)

Minor new Features

– VLS increases with speed brake deflection – Made the engine inlets smoother. (Refined grid)

– Added new engine failure modes: recoverable flame out, engine failure with damage, hot start,

– You can now put on the oxygen mask by removing it from its container

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– Added (ETP) circle on ND to display the Equitime point

– Option to control internal and external volume levels via x-plane sliders or custom ISCS sliders

– Added Filtering and rate limiting for FMGS position for more realistic ND behavior on ADIRU init completion

– Open pax doors or cockpit windows now have an effect on the temperature in the adjacent zone

– Added option to always have the display brightness rotaries starting at the 80% position, even for cold and dark start

Bug Fixes

– Fixed rear fuselage geometry to incorporated sloped windows and cabin floor. Unfortunately this requires rework of all addon liveries with the latest paint kit.

– Corrected trigger condition for NW STRG INOP status message

– Allow regular gear extension with ADR2 data only

– Reenabled constraint editing directly on the FPLN A page

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