19.9.2020 – 16:05z

Torquesim Updates BN-2 Islander to 1.1.2 for XP11

Torquesim and X-Aviation released a new update today for their Islander. This update focuses on a few bugfixes and improvements relating to the sound and avionics. The Garmin G5 will be auto-installed for the aircraft if it is installed on the computer. The glideslope indicators are now also visible during the day. A full changelog can be found below.

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a light utility twin-engine piston aircraft. It is well known for its island-hopping operations. Its first flight was June 13th of 1965 and is still in production. To date, it is in daily use in over 120 countries.

You can get your hands on the addon only via the X-Aviation website for $34.95.

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  • FMOD tweaks to improve sound
  • Installer now auto-installs latest G5 if purchased and installed on computer
  • Fixed HPA Altimeter baro texture
  • Glideslope indicators were not visible at night
  • Autopilot Disconnect Button Fix
  • NAV/HDG HSI Flag Fix

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