UK2000 Luton 2020 Updated

UK2000, a developer who stays behind especially sceneries for Great Britain, has recently released their new rendition of Luton scenery. Since yesterday, there is a new update for it available.

The update resolved some bugs on the scenery, like the flashing ambient shadow on Prepar3D v4, some taxiway signs have been fixed and the scenery got its night lighting adjusted too. You can see more in the changelog below.


-Flashing ambient shadow fix p3d v4. (Note: for FSX it will always suffer from flashing ground polygons at altitude, however, we have reduced it a bit by some tricks, only P3D and Xplane can be made ‘flash free’)
-The fire truck drives into the TUI hangar has been fixed.
-Various taxiway sign faults fixed
-Various AFCAD taxiway IDs/stands fixed
-Nighttime brightness increases
-Signs now light up at night
-Approach light amendment.

More information can be found on UK2000’s Facebook page.