17.12.2023 – 19:24z

UK2000 Releases Santa Maria Airport For MSFS

UK2000 took to their Facebook page to announce the release of the Santa Maria Airport [SBSM/RIA] for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Santa Maria Airport is a small regional airport located in the rural Santa Maria suburbs, just 240km away from its only passenger destination, Porto Alegre. Limited to the singular route, the airport sees only the ATR-72 in terms of passenger traffic; however, various military traffic brings in aircraft such as the C130 Hercules, AMX Trainer-Jet, or the Embraer KC390.

The developer made sure to do the proper research to bring the highly detailed models as close to the actual airport as possible. Every detail of the ground and surrounding buildings is created with PBR textures. The developer added static general aviation aircraft and detailed airport vehicles on the apron to bring the airport to life.

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In the terminal building, we find details such as check-in desks and a waiting area filled with people. Each of the two runways has correct slope and markings. During the night, the aerodrome is well-lit with high-resolution lightning. Around the airport, we find detailed signs, markers, and vegetation.

UK2000 Santa Maria Airport is available at the UK2000 scenery store for £11.99 with the tax included. Earlier this year, the developer released the London City Airport. If you want to find out more about the London City release, you can do so here.

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