Unveiling Passenger2’s Real-Time Passenger Simulator And Boarding System

Passenger2, a real-time passenger simulator, receives a new boarding and pushback feature update. The update was showcased by Scott, the lead developer on the official Passenger2 YouTube channel. The video shows the basic features that can be used, both within Passenger2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A New Advanced Passenger Simulation Application

Passenger2 was announced as a real-time passenger simulator, adding advanced passenger and company operation realism to MSFS, P3D, X-PLANE, and FSX. The developers promise that the add-on will enhance our flight simulation experience and add realism to our flights with advanced passenger and company operations.

The application is set to be released with tons of features, such as fleet/contract management, catering, satisfaction ratings, announcements, events, and more. This add-on could be considered as a replacement for Self-Loading Cargo and PACX but with more features.

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Showcasing Passenger2 Further

As showcased in the YouTube video, at first, the add-on greets you with a cute loading screen in the form of a boarding pass. The video showcases an Airbus A321 layout for American Airlines. In the add-on, one can see the positioning of individual crew and passengers throughout the cabin. The add-on does come with customisable cabin layouts and boarding timings. You can also customise the boarding length, after which you can choose to play your favourite safety demo video in your cabin.

The add-on can now automatically detect when you pushback and turn on the seatbelt signs. You can simulate cabin safety briefings and videos throughout your pushback and taxi. Remember to take off only when all the crew is seated!

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Release Date and conclusion

As of now, a release date has not been announced by the developers. Their website mentions that the add-on will be available by Q4 of 2023.

The add-on promises a lot, it’s still unclear if they will be able to deliver on their promises with quality and precision. This add-on could provide people with more alternatives to Self-Loading Cargo and PacX with different features.

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