27.11.2019 – 16:08z

VFlyteAir Simulations released Cessna 150

VFlyteAir today released a brand new Cessna 150 Commuter for X-Plane 11. The aircraft features FMOD sounds by Mike Maarse, animated rain effects using Librain and accurate flight model, for example. The full feature list can be seen below.

The aircraft can now be purchased via the VFlyteAir website for a discounted price through Cyber Monday for $21,95 instead of normal $28,95.



  • Original, authentic Cessna 150 sounds professionally recorded and engineered by Mike Maarse, SimAcoustics
  • Two different panel options – the Trainer panel is perfect for students or those who simply want to fly with basic navigation. The Commuter panel adds DME, ADF and an authentic Cessna 300A autopilot
  • Airspeed indicator can be changed from MPH-over-KTS to KTS-over-MPH
  • Altimeter can be changed from in hg to hPa
  • Optional Custom Engine Start feature – when ON, the Custom Engine Start logic requires the pilot to follow engine start procedures per the POH including throttle lever setting, mixture setting and priming
  • “Save States” preferences – more than 50 different settings, options and preferences are saved each time you fly. Your settings are restored the next time you fly.
  • Dynamic, animated rain effects using the librain plugin (included)
  • Optional shake/vibration effects – engine vibration, engine start, engine shut-down, stalls and touch-down causes airframe to shake and vibrate
  • Interactive pop-out kneeboard with dynamic weight & balance sheet, Options, and Normal Procedures check lists. VR friendly!
  • Guided, interactive pre-flight walk-around
  • Optional wheel pants
  • Tow bar feature – pull your bird out of the hanger using the tow bar!
  • Selectable male or female pilot
  • VR optimized
  • Working circuit breakers
  • Headphones – “plug in” to attenuate in-cockpit sounds
  • STMA Autoupdate plugin included – keeps your copy up to date with changes
  • Compatible with X-Plane “Experimental flight model”
  • Integrated support for the AviTab plugin
  • Checklists provided for the XChecklist plugin (available here)
  • Super hi-res textures
  • PBR effects
  • 14 different liveries including a blank white
  • Paint kit available

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