16.6.2022 – 18:38z

Volanta Launches Feedback Site

Following the latest trend, the team at Volanta has launched their own feedback site through which flight simmers can request new features to be implemented in the application. This is very useful as the community can directly let the developers know what and how much they want it.

Flight simmers can either upvote existing or submit new feature requests. Needless to say, users are not limited to suggesting new features, but also improving or fixing the current ones. There is, in fact, already a number of interesting ideas on the website.

As of writing this, one of the top voted feature requests are:

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Anyone can sign up on the website, even those who do not use it actively. The site is accessible at “feedback.volanta.app“. In order to submit or upvote a request, you will have to first create an account.

For those unfamiliar with Volanta, it is one of the leading flight tracking software. It offers a number of features that make life for us, flight simmers, much easier. It is a freeware application you can download through its official website and use with all major simulators. You will only have to sign up for an account.

If you want to learn more about Volanta, you can read our previous articles by clicking here, namely the introduction of POSCON support on the map overlay.

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