10.6.2024 – 15:09z

Orbx Updates Volanta To Version 1.9

Volanta has released its latest version, with new features and improvements designed to elevate the user experience. This update introduces real-world schedule data, integration with cargo airlines, and various interface enhancements.

What’s New in Volanta 1.9?

One of the standout features in Volanta V1.9 is the updated flight schedules, which now include cargo flights. These schedules are updated weekly, ensuring users can access the latest information. The search interface has been revamped to make finding flights easier and more intuitive.

The aircraft image galleries have also seen significant improvements. Premium users can now upload multiple images per aircraft, with an automatic slideshow feature that cycles through the images every 30 seconds.

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Users can customize the slideshow speed or disable it entirely through the settings. Additionally, the integration with Planespotters allows for the automatic fetching of aircraft images when adding a new aircraft to your Volanta fleet, enhancing the visual appeal and accuracy of the platform.

Improved Flight Experience

Volanta V1.9 introduces several new functionalities aimed at enhancing the flight experience. The new ATIS panel provides access to the weather information during active flights, ensuring users can have all the necessary weather information at their fingertips.

Flight time filters have also been added, allowing users to sort flights by duration using the “longer Than” and “shorter Than” options. The improved flight charts now include ground speed data and are better scaled with time, providing a more accurate and detailed representation of flight information.

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Additional Features

Social Maps

The social map filters in Volanta V1.9 allow users to tailor their map view to show only party members, friends, team members, or everyone else. Team owners now have the option to hide deleted members from leaderboards, and the leaderboard view has been expanded to display more than ten entries if there are deleted members.

Route information

The route history indicator provides users with a historical view of their flights, showing how many times a route has been flown and when. Enhanced aircraft image cropping features are now available, making it easier to manage and personalize aircraft images. Customization options have also been expanded, allowing users to change their aircraft’s appearance on the map, allowing the user to further their map’s UI customization. Additionally, users can now toggle between Zulu and local time zones by clicking the clock at the top left of the interface.

Airport community contribution

Volanta continues to foster a community-driven environment with features like the ability to suggest new airports. Therefore, contributing to the expansion and accuracy of Volanta’s airport database. The platform also now includes rich status updates on leaderboards, allowing users to see their team members’ online status and locations, along with their active flights.

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Teams enhancements

Users can now pin their favorite teams to the top of the list for easier access, and chat notifications ensure that no message is missed within parties and teams. The introduction of public invite links enables users to create up to five invite links for teams and parties, with customizable usage and expiration settings, making team management more flexible and efficient.

Final remarks

All in all, the updates in Volanta V1.9 demonstrate the platform’s ongoing efforts toward improvement and user satisfaction with the addition of real-world schedules, enhanced image galleries, and various new functionalities. You can get this update by simply starting Volanta, it will download automatically upon start.

For more detailed information on these updates, you can access the Volanta forum here. To learn more about what was changed in the previous Volanta update, make sure to read our article here. For other flight sim-related news, announcements, releases, and more, do check out our other articles on FSNews.

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