25.10.2023 – 14:54z

Volanta Updated to Version 1.7

Today a new Volanta tracking software update dropped, bringing changes to the visuals of the application. The team has shared this news via their Facebook, including two promotional images.

This new update comes with design and functionality improvements, giving all virtual pilots using the app a more immersive experience. The whole change log was published via their Discord server, showing the real size of this update.

Volanta 1.7 Improvements

This new Volanta version now includes a whole new Navigation Bar, which is now found on the left-hand side of the app. On the top, where it used to be, there is only a search bar through which you can find people, airports, flights and so on. Dynamic Airport Display is also a new feature that improves the map experience. The more you zoom into the map, active and important airports are going to gradually pop up. The replay mode has also received an update, and the plane is now visible on the altitude chart as well.

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Speaking of aeroplanes, there are completely new aircraft icons, bringing even more variety to the Volanta map. Some of the added icons represent Osprey, Twin Otter, Kodiak Quest, Titanic and a few more.

Lastly, Volanta Events are now visible through the app. Thus, all the events organized by the Volanta team are now going to be searchable through the application, meaning that you don’t have to be on the app’s Discord server.

Bug Fixes

The team has also made some changes to the application that remove some bugs that have been present for quite a long time already. The international date line problem was fixed, meaning that crossing the date line will no longer draw a magenta line through the entire map.

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From now on, you can also choose if you want your stream overlay to start with the app through the settings page.

Quality-of-life Improvements

There are some new features, that improve your general experience of Volanta. From now on, you can purge all aircraft from your hangar that do not have any flights associated with them. A new feature called Scannery Scanner Stars is also present, through which you can bring an in-app information page about the sceneries you have installed.

Filtering aircraft has also been made easier, and you can now filter your planes by more than one value. Lastly, ATC routes can now be turned off from your past flights in the map settings.

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You can get this update by simply starting Volanta, it will download automatically upon start. To learn more about what was changed in the previous Volanta update, make sure to read our article here.

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