X-Crafts Previews E-Jets Family Interior

Marko of X-Crafts has earlier today taken to the official website of the company to further preview the much anticipated E-Jets Family addon for X-Plane 11. Promising to bring a whole new level of experience, the first-ever trailer of the series was streamed at FSExpo 2021.

This time, Marko shared comparison previews of the aircraft interiors. He further also admitted that the team at X-Crafts has learned a lot over the years. Today’s previews should prove what the team has learned.

He then continues to acknowledge that the first E-Jets v2.5 were far from perfect. However, this time the team is trying to get much closer to perfection. The team has a set of real-life engineers and pilots of the aircraft providing enough feedback on the development.

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As usually, no new information was shared on the expected release date or pricing details. The only thing we know for certain is that the addon is expected to come next year, in 2022. Based on the previews, the aircraft visuals however seems to be very close to being done.

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