28.12.2019 – 12:03z

X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan Development Update

X-Plane Developers Laminar Research recently announced the Vulkan/Metal update to X-Plane 11, which will provide us some performance optimizations and graphical improvements.

The closed beta just started for the 3rd party developers, and Laminar says that the public one will be available soon. At least, they hope so. The X-Plane 11.50 will provide optional button for Vulkan, and they stated that it will have some sort of “protection” , which will activate if the X-Plane crashes on startup, and rollback to the old engine if something will go wrong.

There are going to be some problems with 3D add-ons like X-enviro. As the whole code of X-Plane 11 gets rewritten, it might not work properly and developers will need to update their Add-ons / plugins.

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X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan Development Update - X-Plane, Laminar Research
Profile of rewritten code

The developer said that they are still working on major bugs, which cannot be in final version. For further information, please visit the developer website here.

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