Xometry Design Announces Keflavík for X-Plane

The team at Xometry Design took to their Discord server to announce their current development on Keflavík (BIKF) for X-Plane. This will be their second scenery release of the year.

The announcement message was accompanied by a number of images depicting the upcoming rendition. Firstly, the screenshots clearly indicate the extensive use of PBR texturing around airport artefacts.

Moreover, the scenery is compatible with SAM, bringing animated jetways to the rendition.

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Furthermore, the rendition will benefit from custom night lighting. This will allow nocturnal flyers to fly into the airport with ease.

The developer vows to recreate the airport with a high degree of accuracy. They aim to bring the most recent airport layout for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. In addition, this rendition will compete alongside existing versions from TaiModels and Aerosoft, also for X-Plane.

Finally, the developer included a list of features:

  • 2022 layout
  • High-quality PBR textures on buildings
  • 4K PBR ground textures ensure realistic asphalt and concrete colors across the airport
  • High-quality color corrected Ortho imagery
  • Custom SAM Jetways
  • 3D interior in the main terminal
  •  Custom PBR ground clutter
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Keflavík Airport is Iceland’s largest airport. It serves as the main airport for Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. At the peak of operations in 2018, the airport welcomed 10 million passengers. Also, Keflavík Airport serves as the main hub for airlines like Icelandair and Fly Play. The airport is often visited by connecting passengers travelling from Europe to America (and vice versa).

For the moment, the developer has not revealed the release date and pricing of the upcoming add-on. If you are interested in learning more about Xometry Design products, have a read at Oliver’s article.

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