Colimata Concorde Cold & Dark Option is in Public Beta

Colimata team recently released “early birds” public beta for their Concord FXP pruduct, which was released in May. The main change contains option to start the airplane from cold and dark. A lot of people were complaining about the lack of this option in the aircraft, and 4 months after release, it’s there.

Before the update was released, pilots had to click a button, which turned the aircraft into a post engine start state, with no option to manipulate the engines. Considering the post on x-plane forum, in this update a lot of switches and system has been reworked to work in different aircraft states. There are still some issues with Linux version.

Improved features in version 1.03

  • Optimized night lighting
  • Possibility to change hydraulic source for the Elevons
  • Cold and dark state

For more information, please visit their x-plane forum post.


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