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Aerosoft Announces New Breezer Sport For MSFS

The Aerosoft forum administrator William Lennox took to the forum to announce the Breezer Sport for MSFS. The Breezer Sport is an ultralight aircraft created by the German company Breezer Aircraft Gmbh. It is designed as a low-wing plane with retractable landing gear and two side-by-side seats, powered by a single Rotax 915 iS/iSC engine.

The development team aims to create an authentic interior and exterior model according to the original specifications from the Breezer Aircraft company. Aerosoft is working on adding many custom-animated parts to the aircraft, such as opening and closing the canopy, baggage door, and safety pins. All of these will be accessible via the tablet on the passenger side. From the screenshots, we can see the tablet, which, apart from controlling animations, will also have a map function.

Just like in the real aircraft, the main navigational panel is going to be the Garmin AS3 Touch, providing all the necessary functions for the flight. The engine parameters will be displayed on the RSFlight EMU display. The “options” feature will be removed from the display to ensure a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.

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The add-on will receive an animated kneeboard with some original checklists created by the aircraft manufacturer. On the screenshot, the checklist is entirely in German. However, we might expect it to be translated into English as well. The final product may receive more features and animations, for example, a removable engine cover shown in another screenshot.

At the moment, there is no information available about the estimated release date or price. We might expect the release at the beginning of 2024. Aerosoft’s forum announcement is available here. To stay tuned with the latest Aerosoft news and their development process, make sure to read our other articles covering previews of the highly-anticipated add-on, the Airbus A330, and Frankfurt Airport.

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