Aerosoft Announces Twin Otter for MSFS

The popular short-range twin-turbo propeller from Canada is coming to MSFS. An aircraft of choice in many regions of the world for varied nature, the Twin Otter certainly is a recognizable aircraft.

Aerosoft, who developed the Twin Otter for FSX and P3D previewed for the first time their upcoming MSFS version. Bear in mind this is not a port, they started from a ground-up a new project. Aerosoft announced an increase in their staff and this allows them to run two full-size projects in parallel. Projects being the CRJ series and the Twin Otter.

The team shared early previews on the forums of their work. Three screenshots showed of the cockpit panels and of the wing’s underside in their 3D modelling software. No release date nor feature list has been announced yet but knowing their P3D Twin Otter rendition, we can expect a rich feature list.

Author: Florent

Long time flight sim enthusiast, I started off with FS9, FSX, P3D v1 and v2 and found myself a passion for combat flight simulators. I am an avid DCS and Il2 enthusiast that jumped on MSFS2020 as soon as I could. I am a also photography enthusiast a well as a commercial pilot in Europe.