25.11.2023 – 22:20z

Airfoillabs Releases Cessna C172 NG Analog for X-Plane

Airfoillabs took to their Facebook page to announce the release of Cessna C172 NG Analog for X-Plane. It is the second rendition of a Cessna C172 NG by this developer for X-Plane, with the previous one being the C172 NG Digital.

Differences Between C172 NG Analog And Digital

While this is still the same aircraft, some key differences are worth mentioning. The new analog version of the Cessna was created to embrace the tradition of old-school analog gauges, whereas the Digital version focuses on modernity with G1000 avionics.

The Analog C172 enables users to customize avionics in the radio panel stack, including integrating the RXP GTN750, making many cockpit variants possible. This customization provides a personalized and immersive simulation experience. The C172 Digital features no-bezel Garmin displays for a technologically advanced experience.

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Airfoillabs’s Add-On Features

The aircraft has a long list of over 100 features, making it a complex and study-level aircraft. Highly detailed PBR textures were used to create true-to-life parts of the airplane, including all parts of the engine. Outside the aircraft, an engine heater, GPU, refuelling details, fuel sampling, oil management, covers, chocks, and tie-downs have received custom animations. Custom animations of zero-G floating objects, vibrations, or baggage are also visible in the cockpit.

Aircraft systems include custom fuel system simulation, plugin-based tuning of landing gear forces with detailed damage modelling, bending struts, tire wear, flat tires, and flight control damage simulation for a comprehensive and realistic flying experience.

The developer has created an advanced system of wear and failure. Each cylinder, spark plug, and engine part might wear out, and the engine requires maintenance. Oil temperature and pressure are simulated, and they affect engine performance. Each of the 175 individual components of an aircraft is also failable and has a wear property that increases over time.

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Various aircraft options, such as different wheel types or flap gap seals, allow for a customized and adaptable flying experience. To help during the flight in the cockpit, we will find headphones with noise-canceling logic and a tablet with AviTab integration. On the ground, many options are possible, such as manual towing, exterior check of flight controls, manual fuel sampling, manual refuelling and fuel quantity check, or manual oil refiling and quantity check.

The developer has also implemented a walk feature that simulates walking, running, crouching, and gravity simulation, which also features terrain and aircraft collisions and climbing on an aircraft to refuel.

Various 2D panels are provided to set the weight and balance of the aircraft, information about the state and wear of parts, and animated checklists and performance calculators. In those 2D panels, information on all 175 failable components provides valuable insights into the workings of the C172 in real life while additionally allowing 3D clickable access to engine components from the outside, complete with instant descriptions, explanations, and illustrations.

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About Cessna C172

The Cessna C172 is a well-known aircraft, not only among aviation enthusiasts. Introduced in 1956, the C172 is a four-seater, single-engine airplane that has since become one of the most widely produced and beloved aircraft in history, with over 45,000 made since then. A large number of pilots began their aviation journey with this aircraft

This Cessna is an aircraft with a high-wing design powered by a Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine, delivering 180 horsepower for dependable and efficient performance. This engine gives it a decent range of approximately 640 nautical miles (740 miles or 1,190 km) with a service ceiling of 13,500 feet and a maximum speed of roughly 123 knots.

If you intend to purchase the Airfoillabs C172 NG Analog, it is available for USD 69.95 on the X-Plane.org Store, while at the moment it is on a 17% sale offering a price of USD 49.95. Make sure to read our previous article covering the release of the C172 NG Digital mentioned in this article.

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