Boundless Leave the X-Plane Store with Immediate Effect

In an announcement post on their Facebook page, Boundless communicated that they had left the store. As a result, support for any Boundless products will no longer be available through the store.

If you own any Boundless products from the store, fear not. The development team has clearly stated that you will continue to receive support and future updates, directly from their webstore.

If you have any further queries about this decision, you can contact Boundless by e-mail: [email protected]

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In addition to the announcement, the developer discussed about upcoming releases and offers during the month of August. Keep your eyes peeled as we will surely cover these releases on FSNews.

Boundless Simulations is a scenery developer for X-Plane and MSFS. Formed in 2020, the team primarily focuses on recreating airports from the Atlantic Archipelago (Great Britain and Ireland). In 2021, the developer partnered up with iniBuilds to work in conjunction. At the time of writing, Boundless has released over 23 freeware and payware addons on both their webstore and on the iniBuilds store.

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Read Patrik’s review of Boundless’ Dublin Airport rendition for X-Plane to learn more about the developer and its works.

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