31.1.2024 – 08:35z

Boundless Presents Roadmap For 2024

As January ended, Boundless presented the roadmap for the year, giving us a clear view of what we can expect from them in the following months.

Boundless Summaries 2023

Last year, Boundless released many new airports, such as Paris Beauvais, Paris Vatry, or Faro. They have also upgraded eight of their sceneries to make them fully compatible with X-Plane 12 while adding new features to them. The developer ended 2023 with 35 locations available in their store. When considering helipads within the ‘Helipad Packs’ as separate locations, that total increases to 50.

Heading Into 2024

The developer is looking forward to releasing at least four new sceneries for the UK this year: Prestwick Airport, North Weald Airport, UK Helipads Pack 2, and Wick Airport. In February, we might expect new add-ons to be announced, as the developer stated they are working on at least three significant projects continuing the trend of European airports.

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When it comes to upgrading to X-Plane 12, London Southend and Pembrey Airports are set to receive imminent updates, with plans for extensive upgrades in the pipeline. Birmingham and Shannon are high on the list, waiting for their upgrades. No specific dates have been announced, as the amount of work will determine timeframes. Birmingham is also expected to receive a ground-up rebuild, which will be as time-consuming as creating the airport from scratch, meaning a small upgrade fee may be needed.

Although X-Plane 12 is now leading in sales, Boundless has no intentions of ceasing support for X-Plane 11. All releases released since January 2023 are Dual Compatible, meaning they work in both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12.

In 2024, we will see many new things from Boundless, from version upgrades to entirely new renditions. The developer will also release their 2024 Customer Survey shortly. You can find the whole roadmap under this link.

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