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Combat Pilot: Your New Hardcore WWII Combat Sim

Game developer Entropy.Aero has taken to the stage at FSExpo 2024 to announce the latest developments of its upcoming WWII combat flight sim, Combat Pilot. This will be a hardcore, historically accurate experience set in the pacific theater of WWII, with fighting primarily from the US Navy and the Japanese.

Entropy.Aero has been working on this project since early 2023, and has focused its development on implementing the latest in game development technologies. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 5 and feature DirectX12 support, ray traced lighting, PBR textures, virtualized geometry (which makes it easier to spot aircraft over long distances), and more.

Combat Pilot will feature advanced flight and damage modelling, powered by Entropy.Aero’s toolset, which allows them to recreate realistic flight dynamics for aircraft with little information available. It will also feature peripheral support for TrackIR, Tobii Eye Tracker, VR, and motion platforms.

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Combat pilot will feature high definition models for the aircraft and ships in the game. The team has spent lots of time researching about the aircraft and translating information to ensure a high level of accuracy and fidelity. Being set in the Pacific, the game will have carrier operations featured extensively.

The game will have a modular development of the theaters and aircraft, meaning that new content will be added to the game in phases until it is considered feature complete. The first content for the game will be the battle of Midway. The developers will be also be looking for content partners that can help them make important aircraft and ships.

For its second year of development, the developers will work on expanding the team; refining the physics, flight dynamics, systems, and damage model; and making more aircraft and ships. The first large scale theater coming to the game will be set in the Solomon Islands.

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Entropy.Aero has lots of plans for the future of the sim. They mentioned in the presentation that they had long term plans, and that they hoped the platform could last up to 20 years. They plan to achieve this by using the latest in modern development practices, open source technologies, and by listening to the community and being transparent about the development of the game.

You can visit Combat Pilot’s website here to explore and contribute to the development of this upcoming game. Stay tuned to FSNews for the latest of FSExpo 2024!

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