CremonaSoft Updates A310 For X-Plane

CremonaSoft, a developer staying behind an A310 Aircraft for X-Plane 11, has released a new update to their aircraft.

This update (1.5.0) is adding external power source availability when at least one engine is off, added automatic setup of X-plane’s weather data output, cruise N1 limit for thrust rating computer, fixed issues with the parking brake, momentary bus loss and some issues with the navaid waypoints. Also, the developer added new MCDU font to the computer, together with ND “map” scrolling on the display. You can see more changes in the changelog below.


  • Added external power source availability (at least one engine off + parking brake engaged)
  • Added automatic setup of x-plane’s weather data output
  • Added suppression of limit and manoeuvring speeds on PFD speed scale until > 5 seconds airborne
  • Added cruise N1 limits for Thrust Rating Computer
  • Added Inertial Reference System
  • Added captain and first officer system switching logic
  • Added flight plan scrolling in ND ‘MAP’ mode
  • Added vertical navigation mode (Profile Mode) control of altitudes and thrust settings
  • Added pop-out floating windows for PFD, ND, ECAM, VVI and FMC CRT displays
  • Added pop-out floating keyboard for FMC CDUs
  • Added control of aircraft doors from FMS ‘DOORS’ page (REF -> DOORS)
  • New FMC CDU font
  • New lateral navigation tracking logic
  • Fixed parking brake warn triggering after stowing reversers
  • Fixed momentary bus loss during power source auto-switching
  • Fixed navaid and waypoint specification from reference pages
  • Fixed ‘bearing to’ calculations
  • Fixed speed pre-set switching between knots/mach
  • Updated user manuals

You can see more on forums and the aircraft can be bought here for $49.95.

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