FlightFactor A320 v1 Released

The FlightFactor A320 was in early access for about 2 years. Today, the v1 of this aircraft got released, and adds dozens of interesting features and bug fixes.

The features of the aircraft were constantly added by the developers, as the time went. V1 adds failures scenario editor, cargo heat and smoke panels functionality, pop-out windows and panels, particle effects and much much more. There are also some fixes in the aircraft. You can see full changelog down below.


  • Failures scenarios editor added
  • CARGO HEAT and CARGO SMOKE panels functionality
  • CVR panel interaction
  • All variables in publish.txt available for writing by default
  • Pop-out 2D windows
  • Added particle effects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed datarefs export via publish.txt file
  • Fixed broken failures conditions
  • Do not advice to shutdown second engine when first engine is on fire
  • Fixed failures reset button
  • Fixed xEnviro related radar crash
  • Fixed overhead buttons textures
  • Reduced rudder pedals motion
  • Various ND and PFD fixes
  • Thrust levers mouse drag fix
  • publish.txt fixed on mac
  • Fixed MouseHandler crash on macOS
  • Fixed degrade to direct low after switching IR1 off
  • Added ClockSet command
  • Fixed crash after starting new flight when A320U already loaded
  • Reduced ROSE VOR deviation scale on ND
  • Some visual fixes in ASU
  • Fixed Oxy mask test button click zone
  • Fixed bug with throttle jumped to 30% after reverser button
  • Removed awfull noise after aircraft reload
  • Fixed thrust lever position in cold state
  • Fixed crash on AMD Ryzen processors

FlightFactor developers stated that they will name the aircraft v1 only at the point if they are satisfied with the result, and that happened today. It doesn’t mean we won’t get updates for this aircraft. Current users can update the aircraft via X-Updater, without the beta checkbox. Or for the new customers, it is available via .org store for $89.95.

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