FlightFactor Previews 757 FPSD Update

FlightFactor has been teasing us for over a month now with screenshots and posts about FPSD update coming to their Boeing 757 soon. The private beta of this FPSD update was announced on 1.8. this year, and will end soon, at least that’s what FlightFactor says on their Twitter page.

Credit: FlightFactor

Since today we got just screenshots, but today, FlightFactor shared a video showing the difference between the versions and some features which will be included in the update.

FlightFactor also confirmed, that the update will also come to their Boeing 767, but later.

In terms of the price, the update will be paid. Not many FlightFactor customers are happy with this update since they don’t want to spend more money on something which cost them over 90 USD.

Author: George

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