FlightFactor Previews 777V2 and 787 at FSExpo 2021

At this year’s FSExpo in San Diego FlightFactor have today provided several previews of their upcoming 787 and 777v2 models, as well as providing some additional insight into their goals for their future addons.

The seminar begins with setting some “obvious standards” for the future addons. This includes fully functional triple redundant FMS units, deep level of system simulation, detailed 3D model, an accurate flight dynamic, and new sounds.

The seminar went more in-depth about weight and balance for the upcoming 777V2, with the ability to configure individual passengers, the choice of detail level, and the choice of policy. An emphasis is placed on the fact users have the choice of detail when loading and configuring the aircraft.

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Further previewed is the failures and scenarios, with the user being able to set direct random failures, pilot induced failures, scenario based failures, and on start failures.

An “Exterior inspection” feature is also previewed in which users can perform a walk around on a plane and tick off a virtual walk around checklist. Situations are also briefly touched on, the feature allows users to fully save & load the state of the addon, be able or return to last flight, and save selected states.

CPDLC and AHARS are also touched on, this will be a standard feature in the 777V2 and 787 pro, with compatibility with various CPDLC and AHRS systems, as well as a single authentic interface.

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Ground equipment is next previewed, upcoming pro addons will feature all possible ground equipment, with 3D model and function, as well as interaction with ground personnel in a realistic manner with actual communications.

Maintenance pages will be fully functional with access to all maintenance pages used for monitoring the aircraft, as well as bug reporting.

A multi-crew cooperation concept is briefly touched on, this will not be a crew shared flight system, but rather a way for the pilot to experience the crew cooperation in flight to help recognizing systems, and to learn the cockpit. This concept will feature audible and visual responses from the FO.

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A single cockpit preview is shared of the 777 cockpit, as well as a short sample of a new engine sound being used for 777V2.

To wrap up the seminar, FlightFactor states they so far does not have a set release date or price for both the 777V2 or 787.

The seminar concludes the 2nd day of the FSExpo 2021 event, one more day remains. See our other articles covering other areas of FSExpo 2021 here.

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