FSDG Releases Agadir Airport for MSFS

Released for Prepar3D back in 2017 and for X-Plane 11 back in 2019, Flight Sim Development Group, also known as FSDG, has today taken to their Facebook Page to announce the release of their rendition of Agadir-Al Massira Airport (GMAD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although the scenery has been converted from its older variants, it has been updated to correspond with the current airport ground layout. Not to forget, the city and harbor area have been enhanced as well from the older variants.

Other than that, the scenery offers static aircraft, accurate rendition of the airport and its close vicinity and users should be able to get good performance in the simulator while using the scenery.

The scenery can be purchased through the FSDG website for €16 VAT excluded. From what we know, there is no discount available to owners of other variants of the scenery. If you have other information, please let us know.

It has been mentioned in the comment section under the post, that the Prepar3D variant of the scenery is expected to receive an update very soon which should bring compatibility with OpenLC Africa to the scenery. Though, no information was mentioned on when can we expect that to arrive.

Agadir-Al Massira Airport (GMAD) is an international airport in Agadir in Morocco. It operates a single asphalt runway and sees over 2 million passengers annually with traffic from airlines such as easyJet, Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, or Enter Air.

Feature list

  •  Fully accurate rendition of Agadir Al-Massira airport (GMAD) and surroundings
  •  Agadir city and harbor enhancements included
  •  Includes static aircraft for even more authenticity
  •  Latest MSFS technologies like dynamic lights or ground materials
  •  Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  •  Manual included

Author: George

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