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FSDG Releases Scenic Kefalonia Airport for MSFS

FSDG took to their Facebook page to announce the release of their Kefalonia Airport (LGKF) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What will this FSDG rendition offer?

Part of the ‘Scenic Routes’ series, the developer vows that this rendition is unlike any other sceneries seen in the simulator. The developer vows that customers of this scenery can expect “breathtaking detail” and “ultra-realistic authenticity”.

To achieve this, the developer modelled the airport buildings with a focus on accuracy and detail using high-quality texturing. This is also applicable for ground texturing.

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Additionally, this rendition includes an interior model for the terminal building. It features the departures and arrival sections, the check-in area and even an outdoor terrace.

Finally, the developer included more intricate yet immersive edifices and artefacts like neighbouring hotels and landmarks. All-in-all, this FSDG scenery is packed with detail from head to toe.

Scenery Availability and Pricing

This FSDG Kefalonia Airport rendition is available on the SimMarket, Aerosoft and FSDG Online digital stores priced at around 18,99€ (including tax). The developer also expects to release the scenery on the MSFS Marketplace in the coming days.

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Airport Trailer

Watch the official trailer from AviationLads to see the rendition in action!

About Kefalonia Airport

Kefalonia Airport (LGKF) is an international airport located on the island of Kefalonia on the western Greek coast. The airport features a single terminal and one 2,400m long runway built during the 1980s. During the holiday season, the airport attracts seasonal traffic from low-cost and charter carriers with European holidaymakers. Examples include Edinburgh, Naples and Prague.

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The airport also links its domestic passengers to larger Greek cities such as Athens and Zakynthos throughout the year.

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