FSReborn updates AI Lights Reborn Pro Edition, v5 compatible

FSReborn, the developers behind an addon for lights of AI traffic, has released an update for their AI Lights Reborn addon. The free update includes compatibility with P3D v5. Nav lights for AI aircraft are now angled, as they are in real life. The reflections of nav lights on the tarmac and the aircraft itself have been improved. A full changelog can be found below

FSReborn updates AI Lights Reborn Pro Edition, v5 compatible - Prepar3D, FSReborn

The update will shortly be available in the auto-updater. The team does give everyone a heads up that there are 2 problems with the night lighting in this version:

  • Landing lights are too bright. A fix is planned to be released 3 to 4 weeks from now as the team is busy with another project.
  • Lights in the distance can look orange at times. This is a P3D bug and Lockheed Martin is aware of it and it will be fixed in the next update. A work-around is to disable Enhanced Atmospherics in the P3D options when you’re flying at night.

If you’re interested in buying this product, you can do so here for €19.99.

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  • NEW: Prepar3D V5 Compatibility
  • NEW: Nav lights (green / red) are now angled as per real world under V5
  • NEW: Nav white lights have now better reflections on the tarmac and air-frame under V5.
  • NEW: Nav white lights are more visible over long distances under V5.
  • NEW: Beacons PBR lighting bugs corrected under V5
  • NEW: Beacons flash now more organic under V5.

Source: FSReborn Facebook page.

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