IXEG Updates Their 737 Classic to Version 1.33

Today, an update for the IXEG 737 Classic for X-Plane 11 was released to version 1.33. Today’s update included many bug fixes, improvements, and a new small addition. This update only works on X-Plane 11.41 and later.

Changelog of Version 1.33

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gizmo crash when picking a runway that is not supported by the selected STAR
  • Fixed gizmo crash when selecting certain procedures while the LEGS page is open on left CDU.
  • Fixed spelling error that caused problems with case sensitive operating systems
  • Fixed rolling digits behaviour on FLT ALT (pressurization) window when scrolling down with mousewheel
  • Fixed EGT indicator needle on steam instruments not pointing to correct values
  • Fixed FO side glass pane not moving with sliding window
  • Fixed weird altitude restrictions shown, like 0000A/5000B
  • Prevent wind display going blank in flight with strong headwind and low groundspeed
  • Prevent windshear warning going off when not warranted
  • Fixed various lua errors related to procedure selection


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  • Made N1 fan disk be opaque when viewing engine from behind while running
  • Enabled fire warning/fire fighting and auto-shutdown for APU
  • Enabled engines to restart after extinguishing a fire without having to reload aircraft
  • Implemented full ignition system behaviour (electrical supply, start- and selection switch dependencies)
  • Increased “grab area” of both-throttle manipulator for VR and mouse users
  • Adjusted “grab area” of engine start switches to be more intuitive


  • Added many custom commands that can be mapped to hardware or keys
    Added 8.33kHz support for the radios
IXEG Updates Their 737 Classic to Version 1.33 - X-Plane, IXEG

Customers who already own the 737 Classic by IXEG have to re-download the aircraft on the X-Aviation Website in order to receive version 1.33. If you are interested, you can learn more about this update here.

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