Jetstream Designs Updates Nantes for MSFS

Jetstream Designs have updated their rendition of Nantes (LFRS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information about this update has been shared through their Facebook page.

The update brought us a fix of floating clutter objects after World Update 4. It also brought us an ability to turn on or off static aircraft if you wish to, there’s improved ILS on runway 03, it’ll now tune automatically in the FMC, which will make your work in the cockpit easier. And at last but not least, all stands and gates at the airport can be selected through ATC for parking.

To install this update, you have to run the Contrail app where you have to download the scenery again.

In the comments below, the developer also mentioned that we can expect a similar update for their Paris Orly scenery as well.

You can buy this scenery (currently on sale) for €14.88 through Simmarket. The normal price of the scenery is €18.60.

Changelog (v1.2)

  • Solved floating clutter objects due to World Update 4
  • Added static aircraft as an option
  • Improved ILS on RWY 03 (now tunes in automatically when selected in the FMC/FMS)
  • All parking stands/Gates can now be selected when asking ATC for a parking

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