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Just Flight Releases Avro Vulcan for MSFS

After weeks of previews, Just Flight has released the Avro Vulcan Collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Boasting three variants of the iconic delta-wing bomber, this is Just Flight’s first high-fidelity military aircraft (not counting their Hawk trainer) for MSFS. Just Flight highlighted this release with a trailer showcasing the Avro Vulcan’s haunting sounds. They promise a high level of fidelity with superb modeling and high-quality textures.

The Just Flight Avro Vulcan Collection has been developed with extensive research of a real-life Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 based at Wellesbourne Airfield south of Birmingham, England. XM655, the Vulcan that the Just Flight team used as their primary reference, is the only Avro Vulcan currently in ground-running condition. Using this reference, Just Flight was able to build three variants of the Avro Vulcan for MSFS: The B Mk. 2 strategic bomber, K.2 Air-to-Air Refueling variant, and the Maritime Radar Reconnaissance (MRR) variant.

Just Flight Avro Vulcan Collection Features

Each variant of the Vulcan is meticulously modeled to match the real aircraft and includes 8K textures to match 18 historic paint schemes. Just Flight included realistic wear and tear based on their reference photos, and their time with XM655 has allowed the team to capture the howl and roar of the Vulcan’s four Bristol Olympus 301 engines.

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Inside the cockpit, the Captain and Copilot positions are fully modeled with functional switches and controls. The Just Flight Vulcan’s bespoke systems include electrical, fuel, and engine systems, all custom-coded to the spec found in real-world manuals. Rear crew positions are also modeled as well as TACAN navigation – a rarity in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The aircraft boasts realistic animations including all doors, wing flex, and the Avro Vulcan’s distinctive secondary control surfaces such as its lift dumpers and tail-mounted air brake. Realistic payloads are provided alongside custom ground equipment – all controlled via an in-cockpit EFB.

V for Victory: the Avro Vulcan

The Avro Vulcan was the second and most technically advanced of the United Kingdom’s “V Bomber” program. The V Bombers comprised the Royal Air Force’s strategic nuclear strike force, known as “V Force.” The Vulcan first entered service in 1956 and could deliver devastating payloads at staggering ranges – typically armed with nuclear weapons, such as the 17,000lb Blue Steel nuclear standoff missile (a payload that Just Flight has modeled!).

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The B.2 strategic bomber variant served in the RAF until 1984, serving primarily as a nuclear deterrent and strike force, ready to be airborne within four minutes of receiving orders. The Vulcan’s only combat action took place during the Falklands War in 1982. Lightly modified to carry 21,000 lb of conventional munitions, five Vulcans conducted “Black Buck” raids against Argentinian forces in April of that year. The bombers departed from Ascension Island, flying almost 8,000 miles round-trip to complete their missions. Ironically, Britain had approved the sale of one Vulcan to Argentina in late 1981 – but that was swiftly canceled when hostilities commenced.

Purchase the Just Flight Avro Vulcan Collection

The Just Flight Avro Vulcan Collection is available exclusively from Just Flight’s online store for $32.99. If you’d like to read more about Just Flight’s history of excellent releases, check out our review of the Fokker F28 Professional, or see how their GA aircraft stack up in our Top 5 GA Piston Aircraft list.

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