JustSim sends out Hamburg V2 to the stores (P3D)

JustSim has today, after sharing more previews of their Hamburg V2 scenery yesterday and confirming, that the scenery is ready, posted a new post via their Facebook group explaining the delays.

Based on that, the Hamburg V2 scenery has been sent to SimMarket to the installer assembly. The release date is unknown and is based on how long will it take to get everything ready on the SimMarket side.

The new scenery version will be a new product, so you will need to buy it again. There will most probably be a discount for current owners, but we do not have that confirmed. The new version will feature new terminal building, updated layout, dynamic lighting, VDGS, or 3D models with PBR materials, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be found below


  • Texture ground polygons was changed.
  • New Animated SODE Jetways for Airbus A380
  • The passenger terminal building has been changed.
  • The new terminal building was added.
  • New parking scheme for current charts
  • New phototerrain and autogen
  • New some buildings around airportNew 3d street lights
  • Ground polygons were compiled using SDK 4.4-PBR materials used.
  • More than 50 Parking lots were added/changed.
  • The marking of the Parking lots has been changed
  • Animated wind socks (SODE) have been added.
  • AFCAD file has been modified.
  • A custom profile file for GSX has been changed.
  • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) (SODE+GSX)have been added.
  • Lighting on the runway taxiways has been changed.
  • Dynamic lighting has been added\changed.
  • 3D models now use PBR materials (SDK 4.4)
  • Additional optimization performed
  • Small fix

Source: JustSim Facebook

Author: George

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