LiveTraffic, an utility that adds AI traffic to X-Plane 11 based on the FR24 datas, has been updated to a newer version – 1.50.

This version updates the behaviour of the AI aircraft, on the ground likewise in the air. As the developer noted, this is a major update totally changing the way ground traffic behaves. This update fixes the turning on the ground. This is called the Bezier-style, which should provide more smooth turns while taxiing. Also, they added “Safeguard” function, that will fix the approaching aircraft at 2.5° glideslope to avoid short of the runway. The LiveTraffic will now also ensure the nearest aircraft shown when reaching the limit. Further information can be found in the changelog below. Last but not least, smaller but rather important information – the developers are already working on the 2.0 version, which will be supported on Vulkan/Metal API.


  • ADDED #100: Snapping to taxiways to make aircraft stay on taxiways more often. Also determines gate/ramp positions and turns aircraft the right way. Controlled by Snap to Taxiways setting in Advanced Settings.
  • See documentation for some background of how it works.
  • ADDED #17: Soft Bezier-style curves for turning aircraft.
  • ADDED safeguard to keep approaching aircraft above 2.5° glideslope to avoid landing short of the runway.
  • ADDED #13: Ensure nearest aircraft are shown when reaching the limit.
  • FIXED #170 (Windows only): Multiplayer location info initialized with “far away” again instead of zeroes.
  • ADDED message that LiveTraffic does not yet work under Vulkan/Metal. Watch this post and await v2.0.

For further information can be found at the .org forums together with the download link. If you haven’t updated your LifeTraffic yet, the LifeTraffic plugin will notify you to update it.

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