22.10.2021 – 06:21z

Milviz Announces A-1H Skyraider for MSFS

Aircraft developer Milviz has recently announced on their Facebook page, the development of the A-1H Skyraider for Microsoft Flight Simulator, following multiple other product announcements and previews for the same simulator.

Milviz announced the development in a Facebook post, and shared two picture previews showing the cockpit of the 76 year old military aircraft. No feature list has been published, but gauging form previous Milviz products features like a faithfully recreated interior and exterior models, PBR textures, and realistic sounds can be expected upon release.

Milviz have not shared any information regarding the release date or pricing of the aircraft. Milviz have also developed this aircraft for P3D, and it is unknown whether the MSFS version is a port of the P3D version, or completely redone from the ground up.

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The A-1H Skyraider is an American built, single seat wartime aircraft which saw service between 1940-1980. The aircraft saw a very successful career serving in famous war locations like Vietnam and Korea. The aircraft served the role of shooting down other aircraft, and was renown for being able to fly for up to ten hours carrying a heavy load of weapons.

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