MK-Studios Lisbon Updated

MK-Studios Lisbon was today updated to version 1.3. The update contains a new installer, new PBR textures and much more.

MK-Studios announced an update via their Facebook page. There is an updated installer package, PBR was implemented to the ground and building textures and SODE VDGS pack was added. The lights and effects are now based on default Prepar3D v4 code and grass colors got updated too, so it should look drier. You can check out the full changelog down below.

Also, there is a Black Friday sale for MK-Studios Lisbon. You should get 50% off the real price.


  • New Installer
  • Ground textures and terminal textures are now PBR
  • SODE VDGS implemented (requires SODE VDGS)
  • New precipation effect
  • Lights and effects are from native Prepar3D code
  • Changed grass color to be more dry
  • Added new NAV lights on the buildings
  • New dynamic lighting
  • Small autogen adjustements
  • Satellite images corrections and slight resolution increase

For further information, stay tuned on FSNews.

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