MK-Studios Updates Lisbon for Prepar3D

The long-awaited update for MK-Studios LPPT scenery is here. The developer in this version 1.3 focused on a variety of improvements and compatibility updates.

The most important thing in this update is the Prepar3D v5 compatibility, so you are now able to use this scenery on the latest version of Lockheed Martin’s simulator. The developer also improved the scenery overall, and they added AFCAD for runway 35/17 closed, changed the wet FX, improved the satellite blending and water mask, and runway light brightness has been improved as well.


  • P3D V5 compatibility,
  • Improved satellite blending,
  • Improved satellite watermask,
  • Wet FX changed,
  • AFCAD runway 35/17 closed,
  • SODE error in V5 fixed (require V4 reinstallation),
  • Runway lights brightness increased.

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