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Much-Anticipated Fenix A320 V2 Block 2 Releasing Tomorrow, February 28

After months of previews, Fenix Simulations has finally confirmed that the Block 2 update for the Fenix A320 Version 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released soon. In a post to their Discord, Fenix Simulations founder and CEO Aamir told enthusiastic fans that the release will be in “hours, not days.” He confirmed that February 28, 2024, is “B2 Day” and promised a few more enticing bits of information before the update releases tomorrow.

Fenix A320 Block 2 Release Date Theories Vindicated

When the Fenix Simulations team released their latest feature preview earlier in February, eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out a number of references to the number 27 in this video. The video referenced “Runway 27” multiple times and in conjunction with other content posted to the Fenix Simulations Discord, this led fans to follow the thread that something big was coming on February 27th.

While the release of the Fenix A320 Version 2 Block 2 is actually happening on February 28th, the announcement today (February 27th) vindicated these theories. Aamir even leaned into the theory in his announcement, with an image clearly depicting “27.”

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Version 2 Block 2 is More Than A Pretty Face

The Fenix A320 is already one of the most highly-regarded airliner add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our own review discussed an almost-perfect airliner with only a few faults – many of which were fixed in the Version 2 Block 1 update that came late in 2023. While Fenix Simulations has been criticized for their slow pace of development, Aamir has stated that their approach is to release both previews and updates to their products when they are well and truly ready for release.

The Fenix A320 V2B2 (Version 2, Block 2) update, releasing tomorrow, incorporates a vast suite of improvements to what is already widely considered an excellent add-on. These include graphical reworks of the model and textures, and new sounds including cabin announcements. Also promised is far better integration with GSX Pro.

The improvements to the Fenix A320 Block 2 don’t stop at cosmetics. Aamir and his team have also showcased impressive reworks to the model of the CFM56 engines, incorporating cutting-edge features for a home simulation such as compressor stalls and fan blade icing. The entire external engine model has received improvements, both enhancing the current CFM56 engines as well as setting the stage for upcoming IAE engine variants.

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The flight model of the Fenix A320 Block 2 will also be improved, including Sidestick Dampening Simulation to more accurately emulate the feel of the A320’s sidestick on home simulation hardware. The addition of new telemetry made it possible for the Fenix Simulations team to further improve handling in various phases of flight, namely in descent and landing configurations.

The EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is also receiving significant attention to improve responsiveness and usability. Pilots will be able to send performance data from the EFB directly to the MCDU, as well as use keyboard inputs to enter data instead of clicking on virtual keypads within the EFB itself. The EFB is also receiving a new “Failures” application. Pilots will now be able to customize and control failures – as well as EFB background images.

No Update Yet on Fenix A319/321

While the A320 V2B2 update will be released shortly, Fenix Simulations has not yet committed to a release date for their other products, such as the Airbus A319 or A321. However, Aamir has stated that the groundwork laid in the V2B2 update will create a much better framework for the team to develop these new variants and products, and to release them in a state that will be both more complete at launch and easier for the team to support going forward.

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For complete details on the myriad of changes coming in the Fenix A320 Block 2 update, read our article summarizing the changes. Stay tuned to FSNews for more previews and release information, and if you’re looking for a way to level up your home cockpit for the Fenix A320 Block 2’s release, you can read our review of the MiniFCU here.

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