Orbx Announces TrueEarth US Southern California for P3D

Orbx has today came to their forums to formally announce the development of the next product in the TrueEarth US series – Southern California for Prepar3D v4 and higher. This is the final product to be released to have the west coast of the United States covered with TrueEarth products.

Regarding the features, over 760 custom points of interest will be included in the scenery together with over 11 million buildings and 65 million accurately placed trees. Furthemore, custom night-lighting will be featured with watermasking along the entire coast.

When is the scenery scheduled to be released was not shared. The same goes for the pricing details.

As you can see on the coverage map below, the scenery borders with TrueEarth US Northern California and should blend seamlessly together. Products within the area should also blend seamlessly, however, this information has not been confirmed by the developer yet.


  • Over 79,000 square miles (205,529 kmĀ²) of crisp aerial imagery
  • 767 custom-modeled 3D POIs!
  • Over 65 million accurately placed trees
  • More than 11 million buildings
  • VFR landmarks such as masts, wind farms, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed
  • Includes 10-meter mesh
  • Watermasking along the entire coastline and most rivers and lakes
  • Beautiful summer imagery with exquisite night-lighting

Author: George

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