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Orbx Releases Banja Luka Airport for MSFS

The development team of Orbx has recently announced their work on the second largest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka Airport. Today, the developer released the scenery and this Bosnian Ryanair hub is now available to everyone to purchase and use.

About Banja Luka Airport

Banja Luka Airport (LQBK) is an international airport serving the second-largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka. The airport is also known as Mahovljani Airport, named after the village it is located in.

The construction of this airport started in 1976 and it was initially developed as a second-priority airport, with only domestic flights across back then Yugoslavia.

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Currently, the airport is mostly operated by Ryanair, which has flights to Stockholm, Vienna, Charleroi or Gothenburg. Furthermore, the airport is mostly operated by charter carriers during the summer season, with destinations like Athens, Hurghada, Monastir or Antalya.

Features of Orbx Banja Luka

As mentioned in the Facebook announcement post, the scenery is published under the name of Orbx, though it is developed by an indie developer Radoslav Tukakov.

The developer faithfully recreated the airport terminal, with 3D interior and passengers inside. The ATC tower shares similar features and so do hangars and custom ground service vehicles.

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If you as a virtual pilot care a lot about accuracy, you are going to be happy with this scenery, as there are accurate parking positions, latest airport layout, accurate runway profile and hand-placed ILS.

Speaking of surroundings, you can find various small details around the airport. The developer also focused on recreating the nearby ex-army base, corrected the surrounding vegetation and even local farms are in this scenery. Lastly, Radoslav Tukakov also terraformed the surroundings.

The scenery is now available via Orbx’s website and Orbx Central app for approximately €9.05.

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