15.6.2023 – 11:10z

Orbx Unveils Mount Hotham Airport, a Spectacular Addition to MSFS

Orbx has recently taken to their Facebook page to announce the release of their rendition of Mount Hotham Airport (YHOT) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Mount Hotham Airport is Australia’s highest airport nestled in the breathtaking Victorian Alps. Situated at 1,298 meters (4,260 feet) above sea level, this regional airport offers a gateway to the Mount Hotham Ski Resort. 

Designed by the indie developer Milo Taylor, this airport perfectly captures the essence of the region and provides a unique experience for visitors. The attention to detail is evident, from the detailed ground and apron texturing, highly detailed terminal interior, and custom animations such as a working clock, wind turbine, and many more. The runway at Mount Hotham Airport measures 4,790 feet (1,460 meters) in length and it provides a suitable landing and take-off surface for various aircraft types.

Mount Hotham Airport primarily serves general aviation, charter flights, and business jets however in the past, regional domestic carriers such as Qantas and REX have operated from the airport. Despite the unique challenges which may arise when flying to such a beautiful destination, The scenic views of the surroundings and enjoyable approach make it a memorable destination.

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Key Features List

  • Detailed ground and apron texturing
  • Highly detailed terminal interior
  • Extensive Custom Vegetation
  • Custom animations: working clock, wind turbine, and many more
  • Airport-specific static aircraft
  • 140+ custom assets
  • Full PBR texturing
  • Designed by Milo Taylor

Orbx Mount Hotham Airport is now available to purchase on the Orbx Direct for around $17.05 at the time of writing.

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