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Origami Studios Previews Exciting Upcoming Updates for Various Products on MSFS and XP12

Origami Studios took their development channel on their Discord server yesterday to detail and preview what has been happening behind the scenes at the studio. Developer Delta_Who at Origami Studios detailed the upcoming updates for the various products on both the Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12 platforms.

London Gatwick for MSFS

The first update that Delta_Who outlined that is next in line at Origami Studios is the visual and performance overhaul of their rendition of London Gatwick Airport for MSFS. The developer states that this being a large overhaul of the rendition, progress on this front is admittedly slower than desired. He then proceeds to share with us a couple of screenshots showcasing the current state of things and what can be expected from the overhaul upon release. He also mentions additional details for interiors as well as architectural accuracy is being targetted.

Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane

The next project under development that developer Detla_Who discusses is the Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane. Delta_Who states that they have “bit the bullet” and finally transferred this project from Autodesk 3DS Max, a 3D animation and model-creating software, to the more popular and feature-rich 3D modeling software Blender. This, he states, should be a worthy workaround to Laminar Research dropping their plugin support and that 3DS Max 2016 is a little outdated. Furthermore, he says that animations and cockpit manipulators will still need initial setting up.

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A couple more tidbits from Origami Studios

Delta_Who also touches on a few more topics before closing off on his development update. He states that the X-Plane versions of the renditions of London Heathrow and London Gatwick will most likely get updated at the very end of other in-development projects. He does have a few cool ideas for the respective updates but isn’t yet ready to preview them. The developer also states that their rendition of Barra Airport for X-Plane 11 will not be updated to work with X-Plane 12.

Overall a very exciting update from Origami Studios after they had been silent for quite a long while and I personally am looking forward to the updates to their excellent products. For further reading do check out our coverage of other news, announcements, releases, and reviews for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane.

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